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General Terms and Conditions

By using the services of the website with the domain you accept the following terms and conditions.


1.1. This document is constituted as the Legal Notice and the Conditions of Use (hereinafter, the “Terms of Use”) that regulate the access, navigation and use of the website located at the URL, of the “App Adam Park Hotel” application on any type of device, as well as any software and / or development of the above (hereinafter, “this site”).

Website Editor.

Adam Park SARL
Marrakesh 40000, Morocco
Longitude = -7.98977494 Latitude = 31.59596405
ICE: 000072754000086
Phone Number: +212 524 35 11 00
Fax: 00212 5 24 35 11 11

Hospedaje del Sitio Web
61 Lordou Vironos, Larnaca
CY, 6023, Chipre


Unless expressly indicated otherwise, any video, image or multimedia material of any kind hosted on this website is the property of or the necessary authorization for its use has been obtained.


2.1. Access to the use of the services offered by requires that the user be a registered member of

2.2. users are established and valid for:

A) The acceptance by the user of the terms and conditions established by;

B) The correct entry of user information (name, address, phone number and email address) in the user profile, or by creating an account through your Facebook or Google profile. A user can, at any time, modify or delete their user information in the menu called “Options”. By deleting all user information, which is a condition for becoming a member of, the subscription or membership will be automatically terminated.

2.3. reserves the right to reject or cancel any subscription or membership without prior notice. A user can unsubscribe at any time without consent in the “Options” menu.


3.1. Under no circumstances will direct, indirect or any other type of advertising be allowed by users through the website.

3.2. Any action contrary to 3.1 will be considered a substantial violation of the agreement between and the user. reserves the right to remove any content from the website, as well as the right to take legal action in case of violation of 3.1.

Obligations of the user

4.1. The user confirms that the data indicated is correct, and that sending them to does not conflict, at any time, with current legislation or violate the rights of third parties.

4.2. The user confirms that, through the use of, it will not bring indecent or criminal content such as viruses, programs or software that may cause software or hardware damage to or other users of the website.

4.3. The user confirms that he will not make any use of the private data on the website, except to provide contact information directly related to the organization of property rental services between individuals. The misuse of private data refers mainly to the misuse of email addresses, private phone numbers or postal addresses, which the user may have had in his possession through the use of the website.

4.4. The user confirms that he will use the platform in accordance with the guidelines written in these terms and conditions. reserves the right to analyze user correspondence with other users in case of suspicion of improper use. In addition, reserves the right to cancel the latter’s affiliation in case of improper use of the platform.’s disclaimer

5.1. has the sole purpose of being an intermediary that provides a communication platform, and therefore, does not assume any other responsibility. Therefore, any use of’s communication platform for the processing of the rental of Goods, will be the responsibility of the user. cannot be held financially responsible for any damage that occurs in connection with the rental of Goods. In the same way, cannot under any circumstances be held financially liable for failed and/or partially failed rentals.

5.2. The user agrees and accepts that cannot be held responsible for the use or disclosure of information from other users on the website. The planning, execution and responsibility of the rental of an Asset depends solely on the users involved in the transaction and in no case will it be under the responsibility of

5.3. is not responsible for the availability of the service, errors or for reduction and/or absence of the functionality of the service, including viruses, technical errors and/or interruptions.

5.4. cannot be held responsible for financial losses or any consequential loss, including reduced income or loss of data and information.

5.5. is not responsible for the content of the website, including specific text, information or links entered by users in free text spaces or on the website.

Data protection

6.1. By submitting your information regarding the name, address, telephone number, email address and routine information, the user understands that all that information, as a necessary consequence of’s business concept, may be accessible to anyone who uses the website. The above will not apply to bank or payment details, which will be treated confidentially.

6.2., as far as possible, will comply with the necessary arrangements to ensure that the user’s declared information is not accessible to other users to a greater extent than necessary, in relation to’s business concept in relation to the rental of Goods. The user understands that their user information may be used for internal, statistical and anonymous evaluation purposes in accordance with the privacy policy.

6.3. Services shared by users through can be found through search engines such as Google or other search engines.

6.4. A user can modify or delete their data at any time in the “Options” menu.

6.5. Users should be aware of the privacy policy:

Alterations of our Terms and Conditions

7.1. reserves the right to make modifications to these terms and conditions.

7.2. We will publish the updated Terms and Conditions on the Platform. Changes to’s privacy policy are effective when they are published on this page. Your continued use of services after these changes means that you accept the revised Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with these changes, you can choose to close your account with us.

Additional conditions

8.1. In the event that one or more of the provisions of these conditions are ineffective or impracticable, the interested parties are obliged to reach legal agreements that, as far as possible, have the same or equivalent result.

8.2. In the event that one or more of the regulations in these terms and conditions are ineffective or prove to be impracticable, impracticability or ineffectiveness will not influence the validity of other conditions.

8.3. Any dispute between and a user will be resolved in accordance with Spanish law.

8.4. Users must know the terms and conditions of for rental between individuals on the platform.

Payment agreement manages payments between users when a rental is completed. This allows us to represent both the Lessor and the Lessee in the management/administration of payments.

The undersigned, (the “Representative”), hereby grants a power of attorney to the representative or related parties (collectively the “Agent”), with full powers of delegation, on behalf of the Representative, to negotiate, execute, sign and amend the binding agreements (collectively the “Transactional Agreements”) with respect to the rental of the Representative, including related products and services, for example To perform the other acts that are necessary and/or desirable to perfect the Transactional Agreements, in relation to the activities of the Agent as an agent for the Represented through the processing of payments and the conditions for the Services as determined by the Represented for the Users.

The Representative acknowledges and accepts that the Users make payments for the Services with full liberating effect to the Agent on which the Represented is obliged to perform the Services agreed in accordance with the Transactional Agreements with the relevant Users negotiated, signed, executed and amended, as the case may be, by the Agent.

The Representative accepts that any matter or dispute between the Representative and the Users that arises under any Transactional Agreement, including the fulfillment and perfection thereof, does not affect the Agent and resides at the expense and risk of the Representative.

The Power of Representation can be revoked at any time by written manifestation of the Representative. This Power of Representation will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Danish law to the exclusion of the rules on the choice of law or jurisdiction that refer the matter to another law or jurisdiction.

Any dispute, which may arise from or in relation to this Power of Representation, will be referred to the Courts and Tribunals of Marrakech (Morocco).


If you have any questions or complaints about the Terms and Conditions, you can contact us via email:




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